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US Beauty Haul
When I talked about the hidden gems from the New York trip in my last post I mentioned a few of the little places where I’d been shopping. So, of course, I couldn’t resist breaking up my NYC series with a little bit of a haul focused on the US beauty and fashion buys I scored whilst I was out there (and taking advantage of the rather generous £ to $ exchange rate lol).

As you can tell from the header, beauty products were high up on my list and one of the first places I spent some serious dollar at was Sephora – surprise surprise! I actually tried out their foundation match service, which is free in store, as well as tried out two types of foundation and the one I was eventually won over by was Sephora’s ‘perfection mist airbrush foundation’ (medium). It’s actually a spray on foundation but the make up artist I worked with heavily suggested first spraying it onto the back of your hand or a small dish and using a foundation to buff the formula on for a more natural look. Spray foundations are apparently the ‘next big thing’ so I’m definitely keen to try this one out! Whilst at Sephora I also picked up Tarte’s BB treatment primer (medium) and Make Up Forever’s Make Up Setting Spray. These are the travel sizes, so they’re perfect for us bloggers who like to try before committing to the full sized thing! I’ve heard some great stuff about Tarte so I’m particularly keen to try this primer out. I also couldn’t resist picking up Tarte’s ‘Lights, camera, lashes’ mascara in the checkout aisle – it’s so tiny – as well as a nifty Sephora brow grooming kit, rather amusingly called ‘The Shape Shifter’ – I’ve started using the kit already!

As well as hitting Sephora, I stumbled upon the E.L.F. store by Union Square as I left the Subway station. E.L.F’s not a new brand by any standards but seeing as they’re mostly based online it’s rare you get to actually swatch many of the products before you put them in your basket on the website! I picked up their Tone Correcting Powder after eyeing it up on the site for months and I’m glad I got to swatch it as I nearly bought a shade far far too light for me! Other E.L.F purchases were the Mineral Lip Tint in Rose, the Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Bali Bound, and a super cheap small angled make up brush.

I had some time to pick up a drugstore beauty favourite I’ve spotted on a few beauty blogger’s sites in the past few month in the form of Wet n’ Wild’s eyeshadow palette (again amusingly called The Naked Truth). I don’t need another ‘natural’ eyeshadow palette but I’m keen to see how this one compares to similar British brands.

One last beauty bit I didn’t buy, was a little Bobbi Brown blush in ‘Desert Pink’, this was a sweet little present from my Great Aunt who I visited whilst I was in town ^_^.

US Fashion Haul dresses US Fashion Haul t-shirt

I didn’t go too crazy in terms of fashion but I knew I had to hit up Forever 21 whilst I was in the States! I picked up a nude sleeveless blouse and a navy blue Summer dress whilst browsing, but could’ve easily spent my entire NYC budget in the store.
I mentioned in my last post I found my graduation dress in Chelsea’s Artists & Fleas Market, and you can see it above on the left! It’s actually a really flowy, one size fits all swing dress, but add the matching belt and it turns into the prettiest draping tea dress shape. The stall I bought it from is called Nanako Clothing, they do have an online store but the dress I bought isn’t on there, but they do some really cool boho style dresses and clothing if you fancy a look! I also popped into a vintage store called Olly Oxen Free in Williamsburg and bought an cool tie-dye print Anne Taylor t-shirt and off the shoulder crop top.


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Review | Revlon Shadowlinks Eyeshadow

Revlon ShadowlinksRevlon Shadowlinks swatches
Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks, (l-r) ‘melon’, ‘candy’ & ‘cocoa’, £2.99, Boots
I feel like everyone and their mother has done a review on this product, but what the hey! I’ve been eyeing (har de har) up these adorable little palettes for a while and, thanks Boots ‘3 for 2’ deals, I couldn’t resist snapping them up whilst I was browsing the other day.

Revlon’s Shadowlinks are tiny eyeshadows which you can snap together to create your own personal and customisable palettes. As a bit of a eyeshadow addict, this premise is perfect, as you can pick and choose which colours you’re more likely to use. They’re also tiny, so they’re great travel companions and won’t take up a huge amount of room in your handbag for overnight stays.

Though packaging-wise it’s impressive, sleek and kinda innovative, it does lack in pigmentation. The lighter shades I picked out in particular offer a sheer coverage at best, with the darker brown only slightly better. At £2.99 each, they’re only a few pennies cheaper than better pigmented eyeshadow quads from the likes of MUA and Rimmel too. Despite this, if you like the novelty and customisable aspect of these, go for it, but if you’re after colour pay-off you may want to save your money for a full palette.


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Beauty | My Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrow routine v3
A bit of a different post for you all! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows since I was a little girl. They’re dark, bushy, awkward, and an utter pain to maintain.
Up until recently the only thing I did to my eyebrows was tweeze them. I’ve never had them waxed, have never really thought about getting them threaded, and to be honest I was quite lazy with them. In the last few months, as with the rest of my beauty routine, I’ve decided to give my brow routine a revamp.
I’m still a plucking advocate as mine are reasonably easy to shape because of the hair colour and I like having control over them. It’s also the least painful method of maintenance for me!
Next step is taming them! I have brow hair with a mind of their own, so a brow gel is a staple. The Gosh Cosmetics Defining Brow Gel is the first I’ve tried and I love it. It has a big mascara brush and the gel is pretty quick to dry.
Now filling in! Having darker brows means it’s even easier to spot the gaps where the hair doesn’t quite fall and I have a two step plan to combat this.
The first step is my own little money saving tip! Using an eyeshadow that matches the colour of my brows and a thin make up brush, I use a little powder on the biggest part of the brow to for a less harsh look. It’s essentially my own cheat, instead of buying the Benefit Brow Kit! The eyeshadow I use is a Boots Natural Collection solo eyeshadow, which has a nice matte finish – not glittery brows here! – and matches my brow colour quite well.
If I need a little more definition or miss a few gaps, I use the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil, which also has a little brush on the lid I can use to tidy up areas that look a little harsh.
The last step is just to run the brow gel over again, a little more lightly this time. And voila! All done!
This may seem like a long process, but with a little practice I’ve gotten this routine down to about 4-5 mins, 2 mins if I don’t bother with the eyebrow pencil. And some days I give my brows a breather and just use the brow gel to tame them!

Hope you’ve enjoyed that :) let me know what your eyebrow routines are!
Would love to hear your hints and tips!


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