Review | MUA ‘Heaven & Earth’ Eyeshadow Palette

MUA palette MUA palette swatch1MUA palette swatch2 MUA palette swatch3

MUA eyeshadow palette (‘heaven & earth’), £4, Superdrug
*swatches going from top left of the palette
Woah, what is this? A 9 piece make-up palette for under a fiver?? Yep! 
I picked up this beaut of a palette in Superdrug a few weeks ago on a whim. On the surface, the MUA palette had a pretty decent range of colours, from extremely light creams to darker browns for smokey eyes. What is immediately noticeable from the swatches is the metallic shimmer in all of the shades, which isn’t too overpowering for the day, but will be nice to build up for the evening. 
The pigmentation (as you can tell from the swatches) is a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst the darker browns and light metallics come out great (particularly the bronze shade in the top right!), it takes some effort to build up the right shade on the more neutral taupes and creams.
Despite this, it’s an absolute steal at £4! I’ve really enjoyed trying out all the different shades the past few weeks and have been impressed with how versatile the palette is. 
If you’re after a cheap alternative to the Urban Decay Naked3 or Nars sets than I’d definitely recommend giving this a go! 
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Review | Revlon Lip Butter ‘Candy Apple’

Revlon Lip Butter 'Candy Apple' Revlon Lip Butter 'Candy Apple' 2 Revlon Lip Butter 'Candy Apple' swatches
Revlon Lip Butter (‘Candy Apple’), £7.99 (currently £5, Superdrug)
I started using these Revlon Lip Butters during time when pretty much every single blogger was hyping it up. Back then I only stuck to the nude or pink pigmented shades, but whilst killing time before I got the bus I decided to treat myself and go a little outside my comfort zone (plus it was on offer!). I’m gonna write more about the pigment than the actual lip butter itself – because I’m sure you’ve seen enough reviews about how creamy and moisturising the formula is! 
As someone who doesn’t wear lipsticks/lip balms very often, the colour from the tube is pretty daunting looking. The outer packaging itself has a more burnt orange tone, with the actual stick a more traditional warm toned red. So, you can imagine I was thankful that this was a more sheer than I expected. Top left swatch is the pigment straight on, the right is after a couple of swipes, so if you’re after a balm that gives you a vivid pop of colour this probably isn’t for you. If, however, you’re like me and pretty under-experienced when it comes to wearing red lips then this is a nice starter product to get you on your way.

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Festive Fortnight | Review | Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ gift set

Marc-Jacobs-Daisy-set March-Jacobs-Daisy-bottle
‘Daisy’ Marc Jacobs gift set | RRP £67.50 | The Fragrance Shop
The first of my Festive Fortnight posts and something I’ve been lusting over for while. Marc Jacobs’ Daisy is one of the brands most iconic scents. Light, bright and fresh, Daisy is full of pretty violet tones and reminds me of Spring and sunshine. Though we’re in the midst of Winter I still think this is a great day-to-day fragrance and something a little refreshing for an early evening scent. And of course there’s the bottle itself, which looks perfectly at home on any blogger’s vanity!
My dad was lovely enough to get this particular set in the duty free section whilst on a business trip for me – along with my part payment! The set I have has the 150ML and mini 4ml bottles of Daisy, plus their luminous body lotion – which I can’t wait to use! I’ve found an almost exact version of the gift set here and there are sets with the body lotion and shower gel. Not only is the set itself great, but the box itself is oh so adorable too!
*disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Marc Jacobs (I wish!) and was written out of complete love for the product!
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