Review: Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream

Nivea ‘Refreshingly Soft’ Moisturising Cream 75mlAs we’re now deep in the Winter months – how is it December already? – harsh wind and the cold means my skin takes a battering. It’s taken me a long time to find a decent moisturiser that will hydrate …

What’s In My Bag?

I’m very surprised this is the first time I’ve kind of done this. I bought this lovely bag from Urban Outfitters the other week and felt it was high time to get a ‘What’s In Your Bag?’ feature done.
UO bag1
The bag: Push Lock Envelope Flap Bag, £20 from Urban Outfitters

UO bag essentials1
The essentials: my pink iPod Nano; my Sony Xperia U, Accessorize purse; spotty Tesco umbrella (my about my 5th this year ¬_¬ stupid British weather); gum & cough sweets (in the winter)
UO bag make up1
The make up/beauty bits: Soap & Glory Hand Food; deodorant (changes every few weeks); Soap &Glory ‘Thick & Fast’ mascara; Boots Natural Collection cover up cream in ‘medium’; Boots Natural Collection eyeliner; comb; The Body Shop lip butter in ‘Pink Graprefruit’; tissues!
UO bag books1
The books: My ‘currently reading’ book; 2012 diary; trusty notebook for blog ideas (or Nano planning at the moment).
Keep on wishing…

Review: Rimmel London BB Cream ‘Beauty Balm’

Rimmel BB review2 [Rimmel London BB Cream ‘Beauty Balm’ in Medium]
Call me late off the mark, but whatever :P
So I’ve freely admitted on here before to sticking to the simple touch when it comes to my skin care/make up routine. However, the past few months I’ve been branching out – mostly thanks to reading more beauty blogs – and trying out a couple of new products. It’s fair to say BB Creams have pretty much been the most talked about make up item of the year, but as usual it’s taken me a while to really see what the fuss is about. 
Rimmel BB review1
There was a decent sample of the Rimmel London BB Cream [in light] in this month’s Glamour and I tried it out for a normal working day. I quite liked it and was had also been on the hunt for a foundation that I could use to help with my dry skin problems this a/w season – it also helps that it was on offer in Savers for £4.98. The product promises to ‘Prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and protect‘ – pretty bold statements for a tiny little bottle, most of which it only half lived up to. 
I usually only use a tinted moisturiser on a day to day basis, so despite it’s sheen-y smooth appearance in the photo below I found it much thicker than what I usually use. I’m also normally one to apply my base make up with my fingers so the application wasn’t as smooth, unless I used a sponge.  I also found after a while in the cold and wind, it was drying up quite quickly and left my face feeling slightly stiff – this may be partly my own fault having not had time to properly moisturise my skin that morning, but still. The consistency of the cream itself is basically my main problem here. For a product that claims not to be a foundation, it definitely acts like one. 

However, using it as a cover over the top of my tinted moisturiser – even a cheap-y one from Boot’s Natural Collection – worked much better and much less heavy than before. The application was smoother and felt much softer compared to when I used it on its own. 

So all in all, those reading into the 9-in-1 message of this BB cream should be wary. It’s moisturising properties are a little misleading and the cream itself felt thicker than I expected. Though probably not the best product for harsh winter weather, I would probably give it another go once Summer rolls around – if not just for the decent SPF factor – and it most likely works better alongside a decent moisturising skin routine. 

Keep on wishing…

Review: ‘Aloe Eye Defence’ The Body Shop

[Aloe Eye Defence, £9.50, The Body Shop]
So this is my first beauty review. Yay!
I’m quite simple when it comes to my skin routine but I recently started investing into some products from The Body Shop after getting my ‘Love your body’ card. 
I have mildly sensitive skin and during the Summer [and sometimes during especially cold Winter months] experience very dry and tight skin around my eyes. Before I found this I mainly used Vaseline lightly around the eye area before bed but found it too heavy for general use.
I’ve used Aloe skin creams before so I decided to try out this one after reading some good reviews online. I’ve now been using it for about a week, both in the morning and before I go to bed, using a small amount under my eye and over the lid.
I am feeling some difference already, my upper eyelids and under eye areas feel less tight and more moisturised. The corner of my eye, where I experience the most dry-ness and irritation, is slowly soothing out but I think I’ll need more regular usage for it to reach the standard of the rest of the area. The cream itself is light, actually feels quite refreshing once it’s on and absorbs quickly. 
The main advantage is no irritation, something that was very important when considering the area I would be using it on. The bottle is only 15ml for £9.50 [I also got some money off with my ‘Love your body’ card], but when you consider the tiny amount you’ll need to use around the eye area I would say that it is worth buying. 

Keep on wishing…

Haul | West Quay Southampton Student Shop In

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