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DIY #1 Primark Skirt to Summer Skater Skirt

2nd photo – Primark skirt – New Look shoes and crop top

You may remember I bought this black Primark skirt a few weeks ago and wanted to DIY it.

Well, I finally got around to it!

The skirt itself when I bought it reached just above my knees (when worn high waisted) and each side draped just above my calves. It was actually a decent skirt when I bought it, made in the thin cotton material I’ve been searching for ages, but the shape and fit of it just didn’t suit to me. So I cut off the excess fabric on each side so the whole skirt length reached above my knees, hemmed it with my mum’s sewing machine et voila!

I wore the outfit above on Tuesday on a night out with some college friends back from Uni – the photo was taken at my friends house.

I’m not known for my skills in sewing so this is a huge achievement for me :) definitely given me the confidence to try out some more DIY. Who’s knows? Watch this space.

Ria Xx