Millennial | mɪˈlɛnɪəl | 1. a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

What is Thoroughly Modern Millennial

Thoroughly Modern Millennial is a no-nonsense outpost talking popular culture, diversity, feminism, and politics with a dash of lifestyle, cruelty free beauty, and creative writing – all with a generous heap of personal opinions.

Need a taster of the kind of content I’m flinging into the void? Check out the posts below:

Who runs the show?

Ria – also generally known as RCagz on the Internet.

I’m an Oxford based writer and certified ‘Angry Asian Feminist’ with an endless passion for diversity, representation and online activism.

I’m also one of the Editors and Co-Founders of Blogger’s Bookshelf (check it out for in-depth reviews, bookish content and miscellaneous literary goodness.) I’ve also had pieces featured in Resonate Magazine and 404 Ink.

Offline, I work in publishing, own an unrealistically large pile of books to read and have a useless amount of encyclopaedic knowledge about Musicals.

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