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Instagram 28-10-2012
Day #56 – RED! – morning coffee after stressful train delays/cancellations – Day #57 – Autumn leaves – Day #58 – Editing my Blogger’s Bookshelf post photos – Day #59 – Misty mornings – Pink Day cupcakes at work last Friday – Day #60 (Pink Day outfit) – Yay for winter coats – Girl’s night out looking Mia Von Glitz – Halloween decor in all of the clubs – Less glamorous Sunday in my hoodie – 

Soundtrack: All Too Well – Taylor Swift

Better late than never with this post. I owe the lateness to my laziness this Sunday morning, but isn’t it nice to just forget about blogging and work and just relax a little? 
My soundtrack today was brought to me by the ever flawless Taylor Swift, who’s album has pretty much been on repeat this week. All Too Well is definitely a firm favourite for me plus Everything Has Changed (ft Ed Sheeran).
The temperature has finally dropped for acceptable Autumnal/Winter dressing this week and I got to dig out my Forever 21 coat I got over the Summer, woop for layering! I was also crawl out of my introvert hole this week and actually socialised – what! – with a girls night out yesterday. After panic buying two tops at work, neither of them fit. So I hastily improvised an outfit – the top half of which was an old kimono top I had from TK Maxx worn as a wrap top (which I wore a vest top underneath), then tucked into a pair of tailored shorts. That along with my fake leather jacket made up the most impressively improvised outfit I have ever put together – proud fashion blogger moment right there. 
Safely back in the blogging world and I’m gonna shamelessly plug my collaborative book blog – Blogger’s Bookshelf! Our maiden post went out on Friday, just introducing what’s about to go down, and the first review – written by yours truly – will be live tomorrow! I’m really proud of what me and the ever amazingly organised Erin have managed to pull together, and hope that all of said organisation has paid off! Still not too late to get in touch if you want to be a guest blogger though – just visit the blog for contact details :)
Keep in wishing…