This Week…

Instagram 18-11-2012 
 – Getting me through Monday morning – Day #71 – Still very Autumnal – Day #72Day #73 – Gingerbread latte – Excitement over LeakyCon – Greggs breakfast – Day #74 – Friday night treat – Mum’s birthday dinner – rocking my Ravenclaw scarf – 

Soundtrack: Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran 
Looking back at these Instagram photos, it seems like I’ve had a very foodie kinda of week. Which I guess it has been, as well as getting very much addicted to Gingerbread lattes and coffee in general to fuel me through these darker and colder months. 
It’s been a bit stop/start this week, having had a kind-of day off in Thursday and being here there and everywhere generally. The darker mornings and even darker evenings are making me feel a little exhausted too. 
Never the less, it’s nearly December (and *cough*Christmas*cough*), Blogger’s Bookshelf in now in full reviewing mode (thanks to the lovely Erin, holding the fort at the moment) plus 50 followers already on there, NaNoWriMo is going ok (I’m hitting personal targets anyway) and I’m fast approaching year number two on this little blog! Crazy stuff! 
Keep on wishing…