February | In Books

2 Feb in books
Hey ho! Another quick update on what I’ve read this month, let’s go…
Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
I could wax poetic about how much I enjoyed this, luckily I reviewed this on Blogger’s Bookshelf already so you don’t have to put up with me and my ramblings ;). 
If you’re after a novel with a Gossip Girl-esque twist, but with a bit of character development weight behind it, this one’s definitely for you. Not to mention the focus on the lives of the rich and 
fabulous South East Asian elite is so refreshing.
On The Road | Jack Kerouac 
This one was on my books I vow to read list and I was keen to get onto it after hearing about it’s reputation as one of the best pieces of American literature. The novel chronicles the sights and sounds of 1950’s America in the full swing of the jazz age through the eyes of it’s protagonist Sal Paradise. 
I’m reserving a full review for Blogger’s Bookshelf tomorrow, but in short I just couldn’t get behind it. I’m pretty sure it’s the pacing of the book but for such a classic it was disappointingly underwhelming.
The Elites | Natasha Ngan
This was another one I’d heard so much about, especially as I’ve been reading Natasha’s fashion blog for a while. Unlike On The Road this one definitely lived up to expectations. 
Set in the far distant future civilisation as we know it has risen from the ashes of the destruction of the Earth’s natural resources, leaving one city standing: Neo-Babel. Rich in diversity but fraught in racial divide, this is where we meet our protagonist, Silver. 
Silver is an Elite, chosen as a guardian of the city thanks to her superior DNA. She’s just been given her first big assignment, overseeing a city wide celebration and protecting Neo-Babel’s president as he delivers a speech to the masses. But the president is assassinated on her watch, setting of a chain of events that with push Silver to her most extreme limits and have her leave behind the walled city she loves. 
The Elites was a fantastic take on the dystopian genre, the characters are as diverse as Neo-Babel itself and the story is action packed and page-turning twists. My only complaint is that this currently a standalone! I’d love to know more about the rich world Natasha’s built!  

Also, side note! Blogger’s Bookshelf are running our own Literary Awards ceremony for our March group post. Make sure you vote for your favourites by the 12th March and check back at the end of the month to find out who wins :)