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Out of Print book t-shirt wishlist

What’s this? T-shirts with book covers on them? Out of Print are a company that specialise in combining fashion and literature. Their range of clothes and accessories take the beautiful artwork from the covers of some amazing classic books. Like band t-shirts, I’m a fan of the policy of ‘if you don’t know what the band (or in this case, book) is, than don’t wear it’, so I’ve picked out some of my favourites based on my love of the lit. What I love most about these tops is the way they’ve interpreted the cover for the t-shirt style. They’re not complete copies, but some of the designs have been really cleverly put together. The Little Women shirt is my favourite for this very reason, it takes the beautiful illustration from the original cover art and transforms it into a really unique design.
An amazing addition to these t-shirts being amazing design-wise and the perfect way to show off your love of a book? For each product sold on the website one book is donated, through Books For Africa, to students and children across the continent. So whilst you feel all snazzy in your book themed apparel, you’re also helping children gain access to wonderful stories and educational resources too.
Charity, books and fashion all rolled into one? Perfect combo for me!

*not gonna lie I high-fived myself for the pun in the title of this post ;)