Travels | NYC Series | Hidden Gems

When people talk about their trips to New York City and the surrounding boroughs, you often see a rattled off list of the typical tourist hot spots – Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty etc etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with this but when I was planning this trip I knew I wanted to do little bit more exploring than usual. Now don’t worry I certainly hit up the breathtaking sights we know and love – more of that in a few blog posts time! – but I also found a few hidden gems of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn that I fell for.

Travels | NYC Series | The Crossroads of Old …

Hey hey! Back in the UK and back into blogging and writing up what I got up to in New York. I managed to pack in quite a lot over the time I was there, but I know you guys don’t wanna hear me bang on and on about it! So I’ve condensed all the highlights into a nifty little series of posts for your enjoyment. So sit back and relax…

Travel | New York City Bucket List

My June trip to New York City is fast approaching – arghhh! – and in the midst of revision for my last exam I’ve been taking breaks to do some travel planning. There’s some obvious tourist-y places I know I have to go to (i.e. Times Square, Natural His…

Travels | Taylor Swift @ The O2

So last Tuesday I hopped on a train and did a virtual prayer circle for minimal travel drama to get to London. Why?
Oh…a little lady called Taylor Swift was playing at the 02 Arena!

Travels | Top 5 Dream Travel Buddies

Quickie post to shimmy you guys over to the lovely Anjali’s blog for my guest spot! I give the rundown on my top 5 dream travel buddies…Click here to see the full list!R.xoxo[twitter][tumblr][IFB][instagram][BlogLovin]