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Insta March #3
– presents for Mum – day trip out with the fam… – …to good ol’ Wagamamas – a few cheeky purchases this week – vain – snow…wtf? – March Company – Day #183 – Day #184 – breaking spines – Day #185 – morning sunshine – Day #186 – Day #187 – Red Nose Day cake splurge – starting Brave New World – two books for £1! – AVPSY…aka everything ends – 
Coming to you from a very sleep deprived and delirious state, courtesy of Team Starkid posting the final of their Potter musical trilogy (A Very Potter Senior Year) online this weekend….le sigh it’s tough being an obsessive fangirl sometimes lol. 
Anyway…from my photos are looking little more colourful thanks to the lighter mornings. Though freak weather week (i.e. sunshine, SNOW, and rainy downpours) are just plain confusing. I got a good chance to shop last Sunday, have been soaking up fashion magazines and blogs again, not to mention the fact that I finally caught up on fashion week coverage! I’m itching to get back to fashion content again, now I just gotta find the time to write it =/
In more global blogger news. I’m assuming most of you reading this will have seen that Google are getting rid of GFC/GoogleReader this Summer. As GFC is where most bloggers get their follower counts and is undoubtedly the easiest way of tracking and following blogs, you can imagine most bloggers are freaking out a little. 
Never fear! I’ve been on BlogLovin for a while now and it seems like most people are migrating themselves over to that platform to follow blogs anyway. I found a simple guide to importing your GoogleReads blog over there thanks to Twitter, just click here. Et voila! All the goodness of GFC in, much easier platform. I’ve also been trying out Feedly, the interface is very different but is another nice GFC/BlogLovin platform.
So don’t forget to start following me on BlogLovin’ below (am also debating getting a HelloCotton account for ease but we’ll see!)
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