Travels | LeakyCon 2013 Round Up | Part 1

In case you’ve not been keeping up with goings on here are Wishing For Chanel, you would’ve noticed I was absent last week and had some guest bloggers taking the reigns (thanks to Erin, Laura, Anjali and Becky btw!)
The reason? I was away in London town for LeakyCon! 
What is LeakyCon I hear you cry? Well it’s a four day Harry Potter Convention, celebration of popular culture and general geek out. Originally set up as a Harry Potter Convention – and in many ways it still is very much grounded in Harry Potter and the values it promotes – LeakyCon has expanded out to cover all aspects of fan culture, including Doctor Who, Nerdfighters, The Hunger Games and so much more. 
In the past it’s been held only in the US, but this year, author, journalist and LeakyNews webmistress Melissa Anelli decided to take the conference back to Harry’s homeland in a celebration they coined ‘The 15 Year Reunion’ (as it’s been 15 years since the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts), and held the Con at the majestic Grand Connaught Rooms in London.


Hogwarts-sign Hogwarts-Castle
– entrance to the Great Hall – The Leaky Cauldron…& we’re at LeakyCon har de har – This way to Hogwarts – replica of the entire Hogwarts Castle set – 

The Convention technically started last Thursday (8th August) but this year Leaky attendees had the opportunity to begin the magical weekend at the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour. Having gone once already I was keen to go again to spot anything I missed the first time!
After arriving at our hotel, me and my best friend made the journey up to Watford Junction – where we made friends with a couple of attendees on the way! The atmosphere this time round was completely different than the last time I went to the tour. The room buzzed with excitement with this being the first time I had been in a room with so many Harry Potter fans at one time. 
We also had a special guest ushering in us in…the lovely Scarlet Byrne who plays Pansy Parkinson in the films! The tour felt even better the second time round, I spotted more and was actually able to see the sets up close without other tourists getting in the way! Plus there was the added perk of free Butterbeer and souvenir mug – the mug was nice…the Butterbeer was a little questionable but hey that’s my taste I guess. After a pretty awesome trip round we headed back home for some R&R before launching ourselves into Leaky properly.
LeakyCon-GCR Welcoming-Ceremony
– the Grand Connaught Rooms ‘Great Hall’ – Evannah Lynch & Scarlet Byrne – Hank Green – Lauren Fairweather & Matt Maggiacomo (from The Whomping Willows) – Alfie Enoch & Robbie Jarvis – Team Starkid – 
Day 1 started off slower with something that would become incredibly present at LeakyCon…queuing! The registration queue stretched around the whole of the Grand Connaught and lasted over two hours! But once we were in we got our swag bags and headed off for the first Meet Ups of the day. Queues started building again after that for the Welcoming Ceremony of the Convention, which was being held in what ended up being nicknamed the Great Hall. Chandeliered and full of beautiful classical motifs it was quite a sight to behold. The opening itself was just as awesome, with Melissa introducing the convention and appearances from Evannah Lynch, Scarlet Byrne, Alfie Enoch, Robbie Jarvis, Wizard Rockers, Hank Green and Team Starkid. 
– Siriusly Hazza P & Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons – Solitary Snape – Alex Carpenter – Alex and members of Team Starkid (Joe Walker, Dylan Saunders and Jamie-Lynn Beatty) and Melissa
With Get Back To Hogwarts buzzing around in our heads I barely had time to think before gearing up for my first Wizard Rock concert…yep you read that right! As a Potter fan I was definitely aware of Wrock, but had only listened to a few songs. I needed have worried, the bands there were amazing and so entertaining! As well as the Wrock bands, YouTuber Alex Carpenter and Hank Green himself also performed. Just like coming back from any gig I went back to bed with ears ringing, gearing up for Day 2!
Keep an eye out for my next LeakyCon round up, coming soon!