August | Insta-life round up

August Insta-life
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My oh my it’s been quite the month! Since settling down into a routine IRL, I decided to make quite a big decision, throwing caution to the wind and to give blog my it a refresh and switch to WordPress. You can read more about my reasoning behind why I did it here. It’s now been about 3 weeks since I switched and apart from one teeny glitch the other day – where my blog suddenly went walkies on me midnight but was kindly restored with the help of my hosting company by 11am the next day – I’ve had next to no problems since. I want to write about my experiences switching platforms soon, but for now I’m rest assured that I’m feel so much happier with the blog right now :)

In the real world I also hit the refresh button on my brain and soul, and whisked myself away with the family for a Bank Holiday excursion to the Isle of Wight. I wanted to cut myself off a little bit from stress and constant media updates, so I left my laptop at home and stuffed my phone in my bag for the majority of the trip, and it felt glorious. As a blogger I often don’t realise how plugged in I’ve become and with as my new job partly requires me to be tuned into online media, I rarely get a break to just ignore the rest of the world for a bit. Not to mention it was just really lovely to spend some time with my parents and little sister, with only the oh so pretty views of the Isle of Wight to accompany us.

So now, back into reality and now it’s September first, I’m looking forward to what is shaping up to be an oh so hectic couple of months. But what’s new eh?

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