English Rose | Gabrielle Aplin

*image sourced via PinterestMeet Gabrielle Aplin. The British singer-songwriter exploded onto the music scene last year thanks to her cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ for the famous John Lewis Christmas ad. Fast forward to Summe…

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In A League Of Her Own | Charlene Kaye

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Image via ShervinFotoBlog 
Long time readers will know of my affinity with a certain group of Internet creatives called Team Starkid. Though my obsession for them knows no bounds, it’s certainly not limited to their crazy skits and infamous affiliation with the Potter franchise but also their equally talented friends. And those who know of Team Starkid’s antics will know all about, Charlene Kaye.
Charlene Kaye montage gigs
Charlene is a Hawaiian born singer songwriter, hailing from  New York, has build herself up through the Internet music scene with her unique blend of indie-pop. Her music is an infusion of electro synths, rip-roaring guitar riffs and catchy, yet beautifully woven lyrics, all topped off with her commanding soulful voice. She’s a blend of both classic and contemporary, who sounds just as good live as on her records (well from what I’ve seen and heard from YouTube she has!). With buddies like Team Starkid and Glee’s Darren Criss, her talent has taken her across America and has gained an underground legion of fans from across the globe – including little ol’ me!
Charlene Kaye montage music
In action: (from top left) singing with good friend Darren Criss; with her GnR tribute band Guns and Hoses; performing with her back up band The Brilliant Eyes and Starkid’s Dylan Saunders
Not only a multifaceted musician, to say she’s a sharp dresser would be a complete understatement. Her personal style, much like her music, is completely unique. From her Bowie-esque turns in the ‘Animal Love 1’ music video to sleek yet elegant in ‘Forever Is A Long Time‘ and ‘Human‘; to a complete grunge make-over whilst in her side band ‘Guns & Hoses’; to cute and preppy in ‘Dress & Tie‘; and even 40’s fabulous in ‘Mad Tom of Bedlam‘. She’s an eccentric to the core.
Charlene Kaye photoshoot montage Check her out!
*all images sourced via Pinterest & Tumblr (disclaimer)
Keep on wishing…
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