Wanderlust | Nordic Charm

//1. Finland// 2. Norway// 3. Sweden// 4. Iceland//

It may be too late to book a holiday this close to Christmas – and with everything happening in my life IRL ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ – nevertheless looking a little ahead towards 2015, after my little NYC adventure this year I’ve been eyeing up places a little more affordable and closer to home. I’ve travelled to various parts of Europe when I was younger, but we seemed to have neglected the Northern part of the continent, more specifically the stunning Nordic regions.

According to Google (and Pinterest) this includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and it may be just because it’s that snuggly and Winter-y time of year but don’t the photos I’ve found from all over Pinterest make these countries looks so utterly beautiful.

With the breathtaking scenery and even more awe-inspiring, cultural cities, how can you not want to pack your bags and head North? I mean just look at all those snow-topped mountains, endless landscapes and gorgeous architecture *le sigh*

//5. Denmark// 6. Norway// 7. Iceland// 8. Finland//