365 Days of Independence | 1 year living away from home

365Life Lessons in independence:
  • It’s ok to be the ‘quiet one’ in the house.
  • Boys aren’t as gross as you think – either that or the ones I’ve ended up living with are an anomaly.
  • Cooking is hella therapeutic.
  • That being said there is no shame in ordering take out or getting a ready meal ’cause the thought of preparing food and w a i t i n g for it to cook sounds like torture.
  • Sometimes you just need to go ‘home’ to your family and just be looked after by your Mum.
  • Coming back home drunk means fellow means housemates are officially allowed to use this as collateral to take the piss for an additional week.
  • I have a magic touch when it comes to fixing most kitchen and bathroom appliance *flips hair*.
  • A treat constitutes buying the fancy tonic from M&S rather than Tesco’s own brand.
  • Passive aggressiveness with your housemates is inescapable, no matter how well you get on.
  • Letting agencies suck.
  • Council tax people on the other hand will not bite your head off when you’re confused.
  • Sometimes you need people to drag you out of your bedroom and actually be sociable.
  • Missing your alarm by one minute means missing your unofficial slot for the bathroom on the morning which causes a cataclysmic chain of events that will make your 10 minutes late for work.
  • Cleaning doesn’t even phase me anymore.
  • Being responsible for your own transport and not having a car ultimately means the phrase ‘sorry I’m running a little late’ will become commonplace.
  • Don’t try to buy a set of knives from Poundland and expect them to work (like my housemate) – that sounds more ominous than I planned it to.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever understand how I go through so many clothes in the space of one week.
  • Yes, you will go for drinks after work tonight…cause why the hell not.
  • Empty house sans housemates is the best. Sing-a-long dance parties to Taylor Swift and getting to take up the entire kitchen counter making dinner feels so luxurious.
  • The Great British Bake-Off bonds all like no other TV show.

Just a few little things I’ve learnt since its officially been a year since I moved away from home for the first time and became an ‘independent woman’ (throw you hand up at meeee!…ahem). As you read this I’m actually moving onto yet another houseshare, which I have no doubt will throw up another set of learning curves (all girls as opposed to a mixed gender house…yikes!).

So whilst I settle into this new place amuse me with your tales of woe/wonder over shared accommodation at Uni/out of Uni/with other halves. I could do with a giggle after moving boxes all day.