This Week…

What I wore: Polka dot top & leggings [New Look], Tank top [Primark], Denim jacket [‘Vintage’], Boots [George @ Asda]

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A bit of everything. The week began with the end of the Jubilee celebrations, a good ol’ BBQ in the rain and much time spent watching all of the coverage on the TV. Not gonna lie I might not be British by birth but I was sure proud to have been raised in the UK after watching all the Jubilee bits. 
I’m now fully into my Summer holiday and I’m trying to enjoy my free time before starting my placement in August. So I’ve mainly been working part time, catching up with friends and (rather foolishly perhaps?) getting into new fandoms. 
I got my first red carpet fix for a couple of months from the MTV Movie Awards [check out my part 1 & part 2 reviews] I always miss staying up tracking Tumblr, Twitter and real time fashion bloggers once January finishes. 
I also received a runner up giveaway prize from the lovely Erin from her amazing blog shop Sawyer & Scout. Everyone should also follow her blog, it’s a regular read of mine and I’m normally fawning over her Weekly Style Inspiration posts. 
And in terms of blogging news, I caved to the masses and splashed out on the Revlon Lip Butters in ‘Creme Brulee’. I was apprehensive about buying them as I’m not usually one to be bothered about what goes on my lips but I really like them, I am looking towards getting a darker shade for nights out now. Consider me converted!

Keep on wishing…