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  • Growth | 2019 One Word Resolution

    Hello friends It’s been a while hasn’t it? You know I’m not one for apologies and honestly I don’t think there needs to be one. If you follow me elsewhere…

    Unconventional Milestones

    I’ve said many times that I’m long past the point where I care about hitting particular milestones to determine my ‘adulthood’. That can sometimes be hard for someone who doesn’t…

    I’m Not Ok | On Patience & Time

    I knew setting the lofty goal of aspiration for 2018 would be hard. That’s the whole point. I am ‘aspiring’ to go bigger. I’m ‘aspiring’ to be bolder. I’m setting…

    The F Word: Getting real about my …

    We’re talking a ‘taboo’ subject today and one that’s still seen as inappropriate to be so brazen about. Finances I know. Snoozefest. But since opening up about earnings and spending…

    2018 Writing Goals

    We may be headed towards the end of January but with a month working through the Kick Start Your Creative Heart writing programme I’m now in more of a position…


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