This Week…

What I wore: Top [River Island], Jeans [Primark], Brogues, ring & necklace [New Look]
– Finally worked my way through Avatar: Legend of Korra – Had a bit of a freak out about Team Starkid’s AVP3D:AVSY announcement – Loooong hair – Waiting to start work – Wednesday screening of Magic Mike – Boredom on the train – Krispy Creme with my friend Roushie – New shoes from TopShop! – Promising weather this week – 
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It seems like such a British thing to start talking about the weather right? But I definitely think the rain brought on the cold I’ve been fighting for the past week [see nothing good comes from bad weather!!]. I spent most of the week either working or sitting in my room with meds and hot honey/lemon drinks watching epic amounts of YouTube videos. Thankfully Summer seems to have reared it’s lovely head just in time for my last week before I start my 12 month work placement. I’m super excited, albeit a little gutted I’m missing so much Summer. I’m starting to build up my work wardrobe, very slowly, and finally got my first pair of decent work shoes from TopShop. They were originally £50 but had gone all the way down to £15…BARGAIN! 
As for blogging shenanigans, I’m super gutted I couldn’t make the Blogger’s picnic in London yesterday. I was spying on people’s Instagram photos for the majority of the day, looks like everyone had a great time. 
I may be making a few changes here and there on this blog. Nothing major! Most likely types of blogging content and my style of ‘This Week’ post, as I’ll be working 9-5 in professional work wear for a year, there may not be so many outfits to shoot. Adjusting my blogging schedule and style to fit around work is certainly   going to be a challenge that I’m excited to take on! But never fear, the TCA’s are on tonight so it’s business as usual red carpet blogging/tweeting outfit opinions at 2am for now ;)

Keep on wishing…