Leaving The Nest | I’m Moving To Oxford!


I’ve been keeping this quiet for the past few weeks whilst I process everything in my head and try and sort my life out. But I’m really excited to announce that I’ll flying the nest and moving away from home this January to Oxford!

I’ve been fortunate enough to secure a really great job opportunity in the city, so will be taking a big step into adulthood and am relocating in the new year. If you guys remember my University experience post you’ll remember I never did the whole ‘moving out at 18 for Uni’ thing, so the prospect of moving away from my family home all on my own for the first time is both exciting and utterly daunting to me. As much as I consider myself to be a pretty independent person and, as a kid, moved to and from places at least three times before the age of 10, I’ve never really known life away from my family. It’s going to be a big upheaval in terms of living situation, my career, and I’ll moving away from some of my closest friends, and that’s a little terrifying.

But, even though I am sh*t scared of having to manage my own rent/money/life for the first time, I’m equally excited that I’ll be doing those things and more to boot. Oxford is a fantastic town with some serious historical clout, beautiful architecture and rich culture – and book shops! So so many pretty book shops ^_^ It’s also not so far away from home that I’ll get homesick or miss my family too much, but also close enough to day trip it London and elsewhere in the UK too. Not to mention the fact that moving out means clearing out the junk and indulging in a little home decor shopping and new work wardrobe.

So that’s the huge upheaval IRL, but what does that mean for this little corner of the Internet? Well, hopefully not that much as drastic change and I will be scheduling some new year’s posts ahead of time whilst I sort the whole – y’know – finding somewhere to live malarky. But with a new town and potentially fresh opportunities, I’m hoping this will not only be a fresh start for me but an exciting new start for the blog as you come along with me for the ride :)

And, of course, if any of you bloggers out there are reading this and are based in or around Oxford area let me know! (let’s be friends ;P)