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Slightly new format for my book reviews. I kind of fell of the bandwagon towards the end of last year with book reviews, mainly because I was so busy and I was also reading a lot of book specifically to review, but also because I was semi-pressuring myself to have something read every single month.

This year I’ve lowered my book goal to 30, firstly as I don’t have regular uber long commute or specific time I can use read everyday anymore, but also to actually take in what I read a bit more.

So here’s the low-down on what I’ve been picking up the first two months of this year.

The Memory Keepers | Natasha Ngan

After loving The Elites, you bet I was keen on getting onto Natasha Ngan’s second novel The Memory Keepers ASAP – I actually missed out on catching an ARC at YALC last year booo!
This is a book I’ve reviewed on Blogger’s Bookshelf on Wednesday – so if you want my full-blown thoughts on the book go check out that review.

I didn’t get into this one as much as I did with The Elites. It fell into very familiar YA Dystopian territory – quite similar to Delirium and Divergent – but what did keep me going was Seven and Alba’s relationship. I wanted to see them through to the end and the plot felt quiet secondary to that. That being said I really took to the idea of memory surfing and I’m dying to know more about the whole politics of the government/criminal underground in this world!

The Geek Girl’s Guide To The Galaxy | Sam Maggs *c/o NetGalley

Another one I’ll be reviewing on Blogger’s Bookshelf in the next few weeks but here’s as a mini review preview. Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy is basically what it says on the tin. Maggs gives us the rundown of the basics of how to fangirl – a subject I hold very dear to my heart ;)

The book offers so much advice from which comics you should read to venture into the Marvel Universe to what to expect out of your first convention. Not only does the book offer some tongue and cheek advice on fandoms and the geek world but there’s some genuine advice sections on feminism, dealing with online bullying and maintaining healthy – geeky – relationships.
I consider myself a geek, but this book did really teach me a thing or two. Plus it’s totally hilarious and bang up to date with the latest goings on and inside jokes in geek sub-culture. Whether you’re a geek girl or not, I highly recommend it.

The Shadow Cabinet (Shades of London #3) | Maureen Johnson

My most recent read and the final book in the Shades of London trilogy by Maureen Johnson. You guys seriously don’t know how excited I was to get my hands on this one. After the events of The Madness Underneath, the ghost team are now on track to attempt to save London from a serious spectral disaster.

One thing that really struck me about this one is Rory’s character development since book 1. She always kicked ass and was always quite brave, but The Shadow Cabinet she takes her heroism to another level. She more than kicks ass, she takes charge and copes under some serious PTSD and relationship issues – I honestly found myself to be pretty proud of her by the end. As for the actual story. I loved all the darker supernatural elements to the book this time. The danger constant and fast paced, but you also get more of a backstory on the history of ghosts in London too.

And the ending? THE ENDING. Maureen why do you do this to me?? (I have no idea if there’s gonna be a sequel but I want one so bad!)

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