Inspiration | Lazy Summer Weekends

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I used to take weekends for granted during school and through University. I don’t think it helped that once I hit 16 I worked most of them and never really got a shot at actually having one. Now, as a working adult living that 9-5 life, weekends are oh so sweet. And there’s just something about Summer weekends that feel even sweeter.

The sun is out earlier, the birds are tweeting away, but the world isn’t quite awake yet. It’s early but it feels like daytime already. Your bed covers are just the right temperature and for some reason you feel less guilty about scrolling through Pinterest and having a lie-in.

I wrote a little post recently about magic of Golden Hour, but after reading Michelle‘s comment on that post, I totally agree and figure the sunrise at start of the day deserves some appreciation too. Somehow it feels fresher and more invigorating than the golden rays at the end of the day.