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Top 5 TV shows you NEED to be watching on Netflix


Need a little distraction? Fancy procrastinating in front of your laptop for a few hours? Oh boy do I have some Netflix recommendations for you!


I have such a sentimental place in my heart for Community. The fast moving, witty comedy centred around a study group of misfits at a Community college, is now well into its sixth season which means you have so much to binge watch if you haven’t gotten into the show yet. Full of ridiculous storylines and humour to keep you laughing for days, Community is a fantastic show to add to your ‘To Watch’ list and will remain a classic for years to come. With it’s 20 minute episodes and laid-back story arcs, it’s also an easy show to hop in and out of and a great one to pick up at any point.

White Collar

Another long running series centred on the ever charming and oh-so-handsome Matt Bomer. White Collar follows the story of Neal Caffrey (Bomer), an conman who escapes federal prison after serving a four year sentence. He’s captured again by Peter Burke, the FBI agent who caught him four years ago, but instead of sending him back to jail Burke has a proposal…earn his freedom by working for the FBI’s white collar crime unit, where Burke will utilise Neal’s ‘special skills’ in high-end crime and forgery to help catch some notorious criminals. Caffrey agrees to the arrangement and the two embark on the most unconventional ‘buddy cop’ drama on screen.

If you’re a fan of Catch Me If You Can, this is basically like a 21st Century version of that. Despite the crime-drama premise the storylines are good fun and both Neal and Peter definitely don’t seriously. It’s also a brilliant peek into the glamourous world of high-end crime.

American Horror Story

A phenomenon you can’t help but get sucked into, American Horror Story follows the unusual format of separately themed story arcs and timelines in each season. So far we’ve had Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and they’re just about to start shooting Hotel. Showrunner, Ryan Murphy, does gore and demented so much better than comedy, making AHS one of those shows that makes you gag and watch in utter fascination. My personal favourite season is Asylum for the deeply complex story lines set against the backdrop of a 1960s asylum. Pre-warning, it gets pretty graphic so if you have a weak stomach and nervous disposition you may wanna grab a couple of friends to watch this with rather than risk it on your own.

Orphan Black

This show is my baby – so much so I’ve already done a blog post on this. This is the story of Sarah Manning. After witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks just like her, Sarah decides to take her identity to start a new life for herself and her young daughter Kira. The thing is the woman wasn’t just a randomer on the street who just happened to look like Sarah. She was Sarah’s clone and she’s just the first she’ll meet on this tangled web of a journey as she tries to find the truth as to why they were created, all whilst trying not to get killed.

Absurdly fast paced and chock full of twists and turns, Orphan Black will without a doubt get you hooked from episode one. Not only is this a great show in general it’s also a wonderful example of how to write women complexly and oh so well without resorting to character tropes. Tatiania Maslany is INCREDIBLE portraying all the different clones herself and the supporting cast is just as amazing too (especially her ‘brother’ Felix. The first two seasons are now online and so easy to power through, and the third has just started with high hopes this will power into a fourth series too.


Obsessed doesn’t even convey how I feel about this show. I managed to blast through the entire series when I was bed-ridden ill a few weeks ago. Based on the original Marvel Comic, Daredevil follows the story of Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day who moonlights as a masked vigilante on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. How does he do this? Well, he was blinded in a freak accident as a child and now he super senses of perception – he can literally hear a person’s heartbeat – and mad ninja skills.

Refreshingly dark, gritty and so different from Marvel’s other offerings (SHEILD/Avengers), this reboot of Daredevil is absolutely an100% step up improvement from the Ben Affleck movie adaptation. Despite it’s darker edge, the lighter moments are there to remind you that this is still a Marvel production…oh and you will totally fall in love Matt from the get go. Season 1 was an unprecedented success, Season 2 has just been green lit, so make sure you catch up now before you miss out!

Have you guys watched any of my top 5? Be sure to let me know what you think of them if you have!