2016 Goal | Focus

2016 Goals: Focus

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A new year and new goals (and a new blog name HEYOO!)

I’m gonna slip into stereotypical ‘new year mode’ with a resolution….yes, just the one. Normally, every year I set multiple ‘goals’ which inevitably fall flat, for one reason or another. Seeing those unchecked points on my ‘to-do’ list for the year can get pretty uninspiring, especially when circumstances change (a slightly sprained ankle put me out of action for my ‘run every week goal’) or ones such as ‘travel to x place’ become unreasonable because of work or money, or you simply just forget to do them.

This year I’m setting a one word resolution, which is more to do with a shift in my own attitude and one that comes with less pressure than trying to tick off points on a checklist.

2016’s one word goal?


For me this feels much more long term than a normal resolution and pinpoints the singular thing that I feel is missing from my life right now. This word can weave itself across my personal relationships, career path, personal health and life online. I was admittedly very scatterbrained in 2015, and though it’s a very active verb it places emphasis on prioritisation rather than trying to do ALL THE THINGS! And most importantly it’s easier to remember than having a list of 10 things I want to achieve (and will probably forget to do by September).

So that’s me for 2016. What about you guys?

Are you a multi-goal kind of resolution-er, or will you too be taking on just the one word resolution to heart?

If you are let me know what you think your words are in the comments!