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Do you ever wonder how much time you spend scrolling mindlessly through your Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Facebook etc. feeds? How many times do you sit there and think, ‘there is literally nothing happening on Twitter’, why is everyone in my feed so boring and vapid, GOD.

— — —

It hit me the other day that I don’t need to be following any these accounts, really. If I moan about the lack of decent content on my social media feeds, or the fact I get a serious case of FOMO scrolling through Instagram then that’s my fault, as if someone is forcing my hand to following these accounts.

If you don’t like the people on your feed, if you don’t like the conversations happening in your online space? CLEANSE baby CLEANSE. Delete old contacts. Unfollow dead accounts. Get rid of negativity. Don’t watch things you don’t want to. I promise you no one will notice, because that’s the wonderful thing about social media. They won’t know you’ve unfollowed them unless they decide to get super creepy and actually check. Sure it’s important to expand your mind out and find things that challenge your own psyche, but the majority of your online space and time spent in the inter-webs should be what you make of it. Follow people who inspire you, follow people who make content that makes you want to make content, follow the good and the conversationally intelligent.

Curate your online space like you would an art gallery, use it to enrich, educate and entertain you rather utilise it as a time filler. Make social media worth your time and make it work for you, not the other way around.

— — —

In the spirit of curating your own feed, here are some of my ultimate babes/resources that I’ve been super into lately that make me wanna make/talk about ALL THE THINGS:

Watch: Leena Norms // Girl Rising // The Lunch Club // Tangerine //
Read: Spinster (Kate Bolick) // Vice Magazine // SailorJennie // Mslexia //
Listen to: SMLE // Blue Neighbourhood // Hamilton cast album // Call Your Girlfriend //
Follow: #TheGirlGang // @Catstello // @smrtgrls // @TheDebrief

Hit me up with some of your favourite online things too. What are you into right now that’s making you excited to create? Throw ‘em at me in the comments!