#Wanderlust | Metropolis

metropolis-montage1 metropolis-montage*all images via Pixabay

There’s a comfort that lies in the heart of concrete walls
Bright lights glitter like man made stars
A distant hum and heartbeat drums in my chest
The city at large never felt more like a dream

I’m wanderlustig again guys. Though I do have my one big trip already planned this year, I have a feeling it won’t be enough to sate the travel bug brewing up inside me. I’m already promising myself to commit to Edinburgh this Summer for the Fringe, but I’m also itching to go to Dublin and I may have been looking at flights to Toronto the other day. Aside from that on the lifetime city bucket list are Chicago, Hong Kong, and Singapore. All home to seemingly familiar concrete skylines but all with microcosms of culture that I’m desperate to visit.


*First montage from top left, clockwise: Toronto, Dublin, Edinburgh, Second montage from top left, clockwise: Chicago, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Singapore.