April | In Retrospect


Song of the month: Freedom (ft Kendrick Lamar) by Beyonce

This retrospective post has been brought to you by LEMONADE *cause a winner don’t quite on themselves.

Oh April you are never a dull month. Overshadowed by my trip back to New York at the beginning of the month and then bookended with a busy Bank Holiday Weekend and my birthday right at the end, I can always count on April to keep my on my toes. Funnily enough like last month, I find myself once again back in my old bedroom in my old blogging ‘happy place’ in the comfort of my parent’s house for the weekend.

Let’s start from the very beginning shall we? (*A very good place to start*) New York – in short as it already feels like eons ago – was wonderful, reflective, and fecking cold (minus 1 chills! Thank God I brought my Winter coat!). Again I left with my heart heavy and am already yearning to be back in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. No matter! Exciting things ahead of my as I’ve just started a (kinda) new job. I don’t think it’s secret that I work in Publishing but I’ve shimmied over to a brand new team so I have some of those new-job-nervy-I-don’t-quite-know-what-I’m-doing-here feelings at the moment.

And then of course, I turned 24 last Thursday. I’ve posted some reflections on reaching this age and being ‘in my Twenties’ though I’m finding it very hard to get into the mindset that I’m not a teenager any more seeing as not a lot has changed since University. Family is still family. Friends are still the best. Boys are still forever an enigma. I am still socially awkward. I am finding that I’m more comfortable with being social, though that may be to do with easing into a good place in Oxford and life in general – I don’t think the introvert in me has completely disappeared.

I’m going into a much less busier May to hopefully get into the swing of writing (both blogs and creative writing projects!) and planning Summer adventures!

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