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The September Reboot | Unapologetic Blogging


 Oh boy it's that time of year again.

If I hadn’t mentioned about a billion times before, I ruddy love Autumn. In particular I really love September. Call it the call of being ‘back to school’ season, but I believe it’s the perfect time of year to signal a change in the wind and ultimately a fresh start on myself. And though this September I’m already fantastically swamped at work – ah the price I pay for working in marketing that revolves around the school year – I’ve used the first week of this brand new season to sit back and reflect on this, my blog.

As I approach my sixth year of blogging (crikey!) it’s a good time to reflect on the kind of blogger I actually want to be. And when I look at the blogs and vlogs I really enjoy, the ones I look forward to seeing on my feed and the ones I consistently return to, they all have one thing in common. All of them are run by awesomely unapologetic people. They’re wholly creative. They don’t hash out half-hearted content for the sake of views even when posts are sponsored. You see ‘them’ dripping through their words. They sound passionate even if the topic is about losing passion. They value quality over quantity.

I tweeted about how much I loved Louise Pentland‘s recent video already, but I honestly really did admire the way she talked about the evolution of her online presence and about she as a person had changed so much since she started her blog and how she wanted to showcase that.

And that’s where unapologetic blogging comes into play. Yes, I don’t want to be a douchebag online, but equally I do want to embrace the idea of posting content I care about and content that ‘may’ stir some interesting conversations. I want to evolve like the freaking glorious Pokemon that I am. I want to find my voice again instead of following the (already) crowded community. After all the blogging world does not need another carbon copy of everything else out there.