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Travel | NYC Bucket List 2.0


So…cat’s out of the bag. I’m off to NYC again at the beginning of April! This time I’ll be heading with my family in tow, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a serious agenda of places I want to hit up whilst in town. I blasted through my first bucket list and ticked off many of the ‘essential’ places and more when I actually visited (go me!) But as always it’s impossible to pack everything into just one visit to New York, so this time I’ve got some additional places new and old which I’m hoping the ‘rents and le sis won’t mind me dragging them to when we jet set off.


Arguably I did see a whole lot of the Brooklyn Bridge via the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, on a Downtown bus tour and from Top of the Rock. But I never actually got to do the proper touristy thing and walk a c r o s s it. As well as the bridge, once I’m Brooklyn side I’m still quite keen to visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park too.



I ticked the High Line walkway and park off last time I visited NYC, but the last phase of the walk was still under major construction. The newest section opened back in September 2014 and now offers a U-turn shaped walking route through the old Railway yards and a unique view of the Hudson River (which is gonna look stunning at sunset and sunrise). My afternoon stroll down the route in the sunshine was one of my favourite parts of my trip last time, so I’m hoping to walk the whole line from the Hudson Yards all the way through to Chelsea Market (where I can scoff lobster rolls as a treat!).


Again, I saw the Freedom Tower on numerous occasions during my trip and with it’s symbolic meaning and captivating architectural structure it slowly became one of my favourite sights to see when travelling around the city. The One World Observatory sits right at the top of the tower and opened back in May 2015 offering 360 views of New York. Yes, Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building do the same thing, but the new Observatory promises to be a brand new view of iconic skyline – and you get both tourist attractions in your photos too!


I have no doubt we’ll end up here at some point. I actually did have dinner in Chinatown with some relatives last time, but it was an all too brief visit and I didn’t really get a good look around the area during the daytime either. Hopefully it’ll be pretty easy to convince my family to wander over for some real good Chinese food after a long day of sightseeing.



Ok this is total selfish, cause y’know #Hamiltrash. But in lieu of actually winning the Ham4Ham lottery for the show (seeing as it’s SOLD OUT TILL OCTOBER) I thought hunting for his statue in Central Park might be kinda fun. Plus, I never got this far up the actual park last time – it was 30 degrees on both days I visited and I really needed to sit down/collapse from exhaustion. Maybe whilst we’re there we can have a wander around Shakespeare Garden and hit up Belvedere Castle too.

Fingers crossed I’ll be just as successful this time round as I was before at getting stuff done.

Any more suggestion are very welcome in the comments! (p.s. make sure you check out my old NYC travel series, for more Manhattan wanderlust).