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Inspiration #13 | What Is Your Damage, Heather?

*all images sourced via Pinterest

After finally giving in to listen to the musical soundtrack and a binge re-watch of the movie this past weekend (I had it on the background whilst I worked about three times over the course of Saturday and Sunday), it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed with the Heathers at the moment.

And who can blame me. On top of the dark satire and killer (har de har) 80’s teen vernacular, it’s an absolute time capsule for fashion and style for the era. Gimme all the shoulder padding and windswept backcombed do’s. Also is it just me or did the check prints from Oscar De La Renta’s latest Spring collection have a touch of the Heathers about it? I have a feeling the girls would love the pink and grey checked pieces. How very.

And if you fancy getting a song stuck in your head, check out ‘Candy Store’