Beauty | The ‘My Little Beauty’ collection review

l-r:- energising spray; mascara; lipstick; micellar water

If you’ve been paying attention in the blogsphere, you’ll know My Little Box has become somewhat is a mini phenomenon. I’ve written about each month’s box before, but I thought I’d give you a proper glimpse into the brand’s My Little Beauty range of cosmetics that have been included in each box so far.

A little sidenote that it’s still rather ambiguous as to whether the range is cruelty-free – for my own peace of mind I’ve unsubscribed for now but would happily reinvest in the brand if they openly state they’re against anti-animal testing.

Micellar water | This was the first item I got in my October box and I absolutely fell in love with it. Came at a great time when I was running out of my Garnier bottle. It’s super light and great for sensitive skin. The water is very lightly perfumed but not overpowering like I’ve found with other cosmetics.

Energising spray |  This spray was included in their January box. Super refreshing and zesty-orange smell, it’s perfect to use in the morning just before putting on make-up and last thing in the evening if I need a pick me up. Other than that I don’t really have much use for it and it’s a product I properly wouldn’t normally buy. But it was at least, quite nice to try out.

Mascara | This was the only product I’m not a fan of. The mascara wand itself isn’t great and the formula can get super clumpy. I seem to have a bit of a reaction to the formula after using it too and end up with slightly irritated eyes.

Lipstick | I was pretty alarmed by the colour of this lipstick and the pigmentation looks pretty vibrant in the tube. Turns out it’s pretty sheer, kind of like a lip-stain than a full on lipstick. I still haven’t decided if I’m disappointed with how little colour is on it – at the moment I’m good as I’m still a bit scared of bright shades like this. The colour itself is perfect for Spring though!

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag of products from the range so far. In my opinion, it seems like the brand are much stronger in their skincare offering than they are with their make-up at the moment.

Let me know what you think of the My Little Beauty range in the comments.

Have you tried any of their products as part of My Little Box?