Beauty | The Little Soap Company & Naked Haircare Review 

I seem to have extend my cruelty free pledge outwards from make-up recently. Bodycare seems to be an area not really talked about too much in terms of cruelty free companies (and when it does Lush tends to dominate this arena!) but I thought I’d share two I’ve discovered recently.


Started by former PR agent, Emma Heathcote-James, The Little Soap Company was established 5 years ago out of Emma’s need for a little stress relief and love of green beauty. Since then the soaps, still manufactured here in the UK, are now stocked on the shelves of both Tesco and Waitrose, and provide a nice little cruelty free and environmentally friendly alternative to the usual soap brands.

I found the Organic English Lavender and Citrus bar in my local Tescos and gosh is it lush! As well as the soothing hit of lavender (which is perfect for washing away your troubles at the end of the day) you also get the refreshing citrus scent to perk you up a bit too – perfect for trying to cool down on hot Summer evenings! I have fallen a little in love with the lavender/citrus combo, but I wouldn’t say no to trying out the rest of their organic range too – they have peppermint and rosemary scents too.


Despite not having done anything to it in the past few months, my hair seems to have taken a bit of a beating recently. I’d been on the hunt for a less ‘chemical-y’ shampoo and conditioner, and stumbled on Naked in Boots. After a bit of Google-ing, it looks like the brand have been discontinued, but Boots have bought up the rest of their stock – huzzah! I picked up their Naked Care shampoo and conditioner and have been using it for the past few weeks and I can honestly see a really fantastic difference.

With no sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals, it’s pretty ideal for sensitive scalps. The smell is a little odd but I put it down to the neroli they use in both of the bottles, plus oats in the shampoo, and cotton seed in the conditioner. As I said the brand looks like it’s discontinued so this will probably be a nice go-between before I decide to splash out on Lush’s shampoo range, or you can try and hunt down the stock on the Boots website or Amazon!

Have you tried either brand? Let me know your thoughts!