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Poetry | The Atl-Girls of the music industry

*images from top left, clockwise FKA Twigs | Sia | M.I.A. | Janelle Monae | Marina Diamandis | Lynn Gunn | Florence Welch | Zendaya | Halsey | Hayley Kiyoko
 "Of or relating to activities that depart from or challenge traditional norms."

They are the girls on the fringes.
Scientists of the music scene.
Number #1s to their name but absent from the pages of Vogue
But buy Interview and Wonderland if you want to steal a glimpse of them as they drape themselves in multicoloured hues and ink intricate tattoos on their skin
Their songs are wistful
Sad anthems of burning and passionate desire
Cynical and angry screams
They let out battle cries for their sisters
But they’ll sing loudly with their tongue set firmly in their cheeks.
They perch themselves outside of gender binaries, sexualities, and the mainstream ideals
Not because they don’t want to fit in. They yearn to fit it deep down.
They choose to be there.
They choose to bare their souls on the stage.
They choose to vocalise the hurt and pain and torment others are too cowardly to bellow
Individuals and outcasts right down to their core but collectively they’re a force to be reckoned with
10 times fiercer than Taylor, Katy and Gaga put together.
Less polished than Beyonce with Rihanna’s dirty mouth.
They wipe the floor with the bad blood spilt by the tears of Hollywood starlets
They kiss away the fears of young hearts as they prance around dark neighbourhood bars in their fishnet tights.
The alt girls of the music scene are beautiful.
Wanderers. Modern day philosophers.
Lost girls of the 21st Century.
But dare to stare a little longer.



p.s. dipping my toe in my own form of poetry ahead of National Poetry Day tomorrow! Let me know what you thought of this :)