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Poetry | Inner Adventurer

My inner adventurer loves to climb.

Trees, cliff tops, mountains.
She swims oceans , circles coastlines.
The stars guide her way.

‘No need for maps’ she proclaims.
Conquering Everest is all in a day’s work.
She has mastered the Incan trail, battled through forests and desert storms
(She has the battle scars to prove it)

Language proves no barrier to her excitement
Connection fuels her, intrigue is infectious
Dancing in the shadows of the rialto,
Singing alongside buskers in the rain
Jumping into the clear blue with sailors

My inner adventurer has seen the Seven Wonders
And yet the horizon line never fails to take her breath away
She stands in awe of towering cities, overhanging trees and endless canyons
This tiny planet holds so much promise, so much beauty to comprehend

My inner adventurer has not surfaced just yet

But maybe, someday, she’ll be brave enough to try.