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Music | Loving Lately #1

(Kinda) new feature klaxon. Since discovering it’s perfectly acceptable for me to plug in my headphones and just work at my desk at my job, I’ve been cycling through entire albums Spotify pretty much every day now. Inspired by the snippet reviews from my lovely friend Jennie, here are some of my favourites.

Citrine EP, Hayley Kiyoko
About: Refreshingly Queer melodic synth pop
Favourite track: One Bad Night
Thoughts: Like sipping cloudy lemonade from a mason jar on a Summer evening. Youthful. Hopeful.

Honey, KAYE
About: 80s inspired indie-pop
Favourite track: Porcelain
Thoughts: Utterly infectious pop music at its finest, #AsianExcellence at its best

In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit, LOLO
About: Rough and ready Millennial soul
Favourite track: No Time For Lonely
Thoughts: Brutally honest, self aware songwriting at it’s most heart wrenchingly finest (also wins the prize for favourite album title of all time)

I Am Bones - AIM - WIld World

I Am Bones, Joe Brooks
About: Soothing acoustic indie
Favourite tracks: Dandelion Hair
Thoughts: Heart-warmingly familiar breath of fresh air. Welcome back Brooks!

About: Politically charged yet gloriously mellow, modern trip hop
Favourite track: Bird Song (Diplo Remix)
Thoughts: A much more introspective album than previous ones but it’s M.I.A. so it packs a powerful lyrical punch

Wild World, Bastille
About: Electo-infused alt rock
Favourite track: Send them off!
Thoughts: All the best bits of Bad Blood with more guitars, trippy samples & underlying lyrical darkness

Have you listened to any of these guys? Let me know what you think in the comments!