Inspiration | Colour Feature Walls


Happy Friday! Are you up for a little bit of lifestyle inspiration today fresh from my own Pinterest boards?
Whilst, I of course love the idea of embellishing a room with nick knacks, trinkets and amazing furniture, sometimes you gotta take it back to basics. if your pockets are stretched to afford said furniture and nick knacks, a colour blocked feature wall can be just the thing to instantly makes a room pop.
Personally I’m so drawn to the pastel colours which immediately lighten and open up a small room. Alternatively a darker hue can make larger rooms seem cosier, which is a major bonus during the colder winter months. Also judging from these photos why limit yourself to the obvious places to add colour like the bedroom or living room? I love the idea of blocking out some colour in a hallway, bathroom or kitchen as these places are often long forgotten when decorating.


Thoughts on the unique decor idea?