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Top 5 Friday | Female Fronted Podcasts


We seem to be in a renaissance period for podcasts (though I was admittedly ahead of the curve when I was a teenager listening to the likes of Pottercast and Mugglecast! *woah hipster alert!*). Partly thanks to the running success of Serial, podcasts seems like they’re more popular than ever. Podcasting like most forms of media still seem to be dominated by the male voices, but sometimes you just have to look under the radar and there’s a whole host of amazing women literally running their own shows. So here’s a rundown of female fronted podcasts you should really be listening to right now.

Call Your Girlfriend

Run by | Ann Friedman & Aminatou Sow

The Vibe | ‘A podcast for long distance besties everywhere’ they preach. I could write essays on how much I adore this podcast (I won’t cause that’d be creepy, though I have a feeling Ann and Amina would totally dig that). CYG invites us into Ann and Amina’s friendship in ‘over the phone’ style conversations about pop culture, politics and periods. Their sole prerogative is girl power and have both become the unofficial founders of Shine Theory. They also heavily feature kick-ass women from all walks of life to talk about their career and thoughts on being a woman. It’s wonderfully inspiring, totally witty and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of having a catch up with your BFFs.

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Run by | Caroline Crampton & Anna Leszkiewicz

The Vibe | SRSLY is a welcome addition to the mix of US-centric voices often heard in the podcasting community. British hosts Caroline and Anna are two journalists for The New Statesman and like many on this list they indulge in talk on pop culture in more genteel tones than their American counterparts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! In fact, listening to Caroline and Anna talk is like eavesdropping in on your housemates as they debate the latest Sherlock episode or the merits of Dickensian over a cup of tea.

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Run by | Keltie knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin

The Vibe | If you’re after a peak behind the velvet VIP Hollywood curtain Fempire is the podcast for you. Hosts consists of a glittering squad of upfront, honest Millennial Valley girls (Keltie is a TV presenter, Jac works in fashion and you may know Becca as Kitty from Glee). The format is fast paced, mimosa-fuelled casual chat, which makes you wish you were cool enough to hang out with them. Despite the Cali-girl vibe of the show it serves as a good reminder that even those who live in the Hills have to deal with all of the awkwardness that comes with being a woman.

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Black Girls Talking

Run by | Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou

The Vibe | In the spirit of intersectionality, here’s a podcast focused on feminist issues from the point of view of four, fierce African American women. From discussing prominent race issues, you also get a healthy dose of pop culture talk, from Empire to Girlhood, The Wiz to Drake. Talk is equal parts intelligent, eloquent, hilarious and a brilliant roundtable of voices you don’t often hear.

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Not Too Deep

Run by | Grace Helbig

The Vibe | One for the Youtube fans (and perhaps an amusing one for those who have no idea about the community!). Grace’s natural awkwardness, sarcasm and chilled sense of humour carry Not Too Deep. Similar to her Youtube collabs Grace invites fellow ‘Tubers onto the show. The aim? Not to get ‘too deep’ on random topics from Grace herself and listeners of the show. Quality of the podcast is solely dependent on how up for chatting the guests are but my favourite episodes are always the ones with close friends and collaborators Hannah HartMamrie Hart, and Mitchell Davis. Overall the show is super silly, ridiculous fun.

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Give ’em all a go, they’re all amazing! And feel free to ping over some suggestions for me in the comments too!