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Postcards from Dublin

Before shit hit the fan last Thursday, I pootled off for a getaway to the Emerald Isle for long weekend away. I took the trip with the lovely Erin with the mindset of de-stressing a bit, take in the lovely sights and sounds of Dublin, and maybe try a Guinness in the hope it tasted better over there than it did here in England (spoiler alert: I still don’t like Guinness but I did finish most of my pint).

Though I did take my camera with me, like when I was in NYC last April I didn’t really pull it out much, so most of these have once again been snapped off my phone.







As expected Erin and I went into this trip a little blind with what exactly we were going to do but looking back, we packed in museums, general sightseeing, and even a Saturday evening walk along the Canal to the pub. Dublin itself is London like in it’s hecticness (less Central London and more like the outskirts of Shoreditch or Notting Hill on a busy shopping day, mind), but it’s oh so rich in culture with a very proud history – which we discovered most of when we visited Kilmainham Jail on our last day.

— — —

Overall, it was a great introduction to Ireland seeing as I’d never been, this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be venturing over to the Irish sea as I’m so keen to get out of the city and into the lush countryside at some point!