July | In Retrospect


Song of the month: Morningside by Sara Bareilles

July. A month spent revisiting my self-worth and Shine Theory magic.

If June was a rollercoaster, July was a month cruising along long humid highway. The journey this month was less rocky than others, with much appreciated company, moments of needed quiet and comforting phone calls with Mini Cagz.

Starting off on a wonderful high with the ladies at Write Like A Grrl. A sense of overwhelming empowerment on how I perceive myself as a female writer. The confidence boost was much needed and I can’t speak highly enough of Kerry and the ladies of my writing group (yes, you heard that right, I’m in a writing group now). July has been filled with carnivals and cocktails and Comic Con. There’s been sunshine and BBQs and rooftop bars. There’s been giggles over Love Island and Taylor Swift shout out to Michelle for the later!). Equally there’s been stretches of much needed alone time, chances to recoup from the madness of being social to write, blog, and read (and maybe catch some Pokemon on the way).

But I’d be full out lying if I said the let loose and live attitude that I’ve stumbled upon this month came so easily. I may have cruised my way through but it’s come with hiccups and a cold slap of reality once or twice. As cruel as it can be sometimes you need that to kick start you into the right direction, and more often than not it’s been wonderful women in my life who offered me those sacred safe moments, ranting space, and copious amounts of pizza and cake and gin to calm me down.

In fact this month has been marked by all the amazingly kick-ass women in my life. For all the talk I spew out on feminism I don’t often talk about the women in my immediate vicinity. From work colleagues and my mad housemates to blog friends and friends who have known me since my awkward teenage days to my own family, In a month that’s been politically and socially volatile around the world, July served as a pretty magical reminder of how very grateful I am for them.

To here’s a little homework for you guys too. If you’re feeling awful, look around. Choose to surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Even if you can’t flush out the toxicity in your life, at least have them to fall back on.


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