The Sunday Share Out

The Sunday Share Out

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Sunday Share Out! Grab your hot beverage of choice and check out which posts, videos and bloggers I’ve been loving from around the Interwebs lately.

A R O U N D    T H E    I N T E R N E T

  • In light of the sad news that world renowned street style photographer Bill Cunnigham passed away back at the end of June, there was a fantastic piece in the Washington Post on what he taught us about ethical journalism.
  • In an awful cynical world, teeny pockets of loveliness like Grace’s ‘meet cute’ story shine like adorable bright beacons. Honestly I dare you to not come away from this little blog post without a massive grin on your face.
  • This one’s a rec from Kerry after the Write Like A Grrl workshop. A wonderful piece of advice for writers and bloggers alike if you’re struggling with creating “The emotion you have is not absolute, it is temporary. It may be useful, but it is not the truth. It is not you. Get over it.” Seriously, should probably pin this to my wall and read it about ten times a day for the rest of my life tbh.
  • Rather hilariously Rebecca is one of the first ‘fashion’ bloggers I followed back in the day, so you can imagine my amusement reading her six reasons why you’re a bad fashion blogger. It does remind me why I’m glad I don’t personally post style photos on my blog anymore.
  • Wonderfully insightful guest post from Steph (That Zombie Said) on the whether your cruelty free products are actually Vegan (and visa versa!). I’ve actually been wanting to do a post on this very topic but Steph’s summed up my thoughts on it perfectly.
  • And finally I shared a few of my favourite post-Brexit blog posts already but I seemed to miss this one out. Miho shares some very poignant thoughts on the ref from the point of view of a non-UK citizen.

A R O U N D    T H E    B L O G S P H E R E

& M I S C.

  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Chaleur Humaine, Christine & the Queens
  • Now You See Me 2
  • Stay Alive, Andy Black
  • Even Magazine