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Poetry | A Feminist Prayer For A New Year

I.       Write
Tell tales of a Brave New World
less damaged than our own
fragmented universe
Or else, allow us to escape
into a tangled narrative of imagination

II.     Fight
Like a girl. Like a boy. Like them.
Like you, for them
Bite bullets with a passion so loud
it seals your imperfect skin
from the burn of a thousand suns

III.   Rise
among the voices.
Among the trauma, the hurt,
the gut wrenching loss
Together we a stronger,
but you must first feel the call
Can you hear now?

IV.   Rinse, clean

And repeat.

– R. Cagampang (5.1.17)

— — —

A little ditty inspired by my personal feminist work ethic for the coming year. Enjoy.

Ria Xx