April | In Retrospect

Song of the month: Stay, Zedd (ft Alessia Cara)

April went by in a blur. Mental tiredness has now been replaced by the physical exhaustion.

I barely remember anything that happened this month and looking at it in retrospect feels like a totally out of body experience.

I have India travel posts coming very soon, so I won’t spend too much talking about it now. We did so much in two weeks it’ll be hard to quantify in words and images alone, but it was definitely one of the most incredible holidays I’ve ever been on. It would be very easy to go all ‘Gap Yah/Eat, Pray Love’ about this trip, but it did test the limits of my comfort zone. I do think I’ve come out of the other end of this holiday more resilient and it’s put a lot of things into perspective for me too.

India aside, April marked a very subdued 25th birthday. Jet lag and a few personal dramas aside meant it came and went without much fanfare. Appropriate really as I mentioned in my last post that I’m at a point in my mid-twenties where I feel content to just ‘be’. Bank Holiday was the polar opposite of ridiculousness partaking in the Oxford tradition of getting up at 5am for May Morning Celebrations. It was nice to tick off the bucket list, but I wholly recommend not going out the night before.

And now we’re meandering into May, my body and brain are grateful for a bit of a break and a return to normalcy before the Summer. My plan is to get back on track, back to writing and reading, and to clear my headspace of this travel fog. I’m also determined to get back to work on some proper activism again (*whispers* Hey UK peeps have you registered to vote yet? Remember to register to vote ok!). Whilst it was nice ignoring the real world for a while it’s definitely time to delve back in again.

p.s. I need to say a quick thank you to my lovely guest writers who looked after TMM so well in my absence. So shout out to Michelle, Anastasia, Lucy, Prithvi, and Anjali for their wonderful pieces – click on each name to catch up on their posts!