• Revisiting Bridget

    I was about 12 when the first Bridget Jones movie came out. Aside from vaguely remembering the ‘All By Myself‘ scene and Geri Halliwell’s official single, I don’t recall much about it…

    Not A-Typical | My Filipino Identity

      I am a Filipino woman. Do I look it? Racial identity and appearance are so closely linked in conversations about diversity so I thought I’d explore my own Filipino identity…

    The September Reboot | Unapologetic Blogging

       Oh boy it’s that time of year again. If I hadn’t mentioned about a billion times before, I ruddy love Autumn. In particular I really love September. Call it…

    August | In Restrospect

    Song of the month: Dandelion Hair by Joe Brooks Whoops, Ria took another blogging break (*cough* did anyone actually notice? *cough*) Another month of busy-ness, another month of lovely just…

    Books | What Harry Potter Means To Me

      *Disclaimer there are NO Cursed Child spoilers in this post! You are safe! But yes, it’s no coincidence that a Harry Potter post has been timed with the release…


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