• Books | A Closer Look At My 2017 TBR

    Coming at you a little late with this – but then again I’m already a little behind on my GoodReads challenge! If you follow the lovely collab blog I help…

    Poetry | New Waves

    Hot heat simmers from the lines on my palms I breathe in the pain, the fire, the steam Exhaling comfort, I extend out my arms I’m here Bonded together in…

    Revisiting Spinster | One Year On

    It’s been about a year since I hit post on that post about being single and unfortunately that status has not changed. I’m still single, closer to 25 now than…

    What Online Dating Has Taught Me

    *just one of the few ‘charming’ messages I get online Happy Tinder-versary to me! It’s been just about a year since one fateful night when my housemates forced me to…

    Re-Resolutions | Reworking your goals after January

    Congrats you made it to February fam. How are those resolutions coming on? Crap? Join the club. Despite the enthusiasm and renewed sense of ‘LET’S DO THIS’ I always get…


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