February | In Retrospect

Song of the month: For Forever, Dear Evan Hansen OBC

After the chaotic mental whirlwind of January we arrive at a pretty quiet month.

Out of the fog of new year productivity I had a bit of an writing slump. I had too many ideas but nothing seemed to come out right. The whole quality over quantity thing when it comes to blogging is always something I’ve struggled with. I want the stuff I put out to be great. Equally I don’t want it to months until you get a good blog post out of me too. Ya’ feel me? The result was few and far between posts on here (though I did notice you guys enjoyed my love/dating themed bits, so maybe more of that in the future? Let me know in the comments.)

What this month has turned into is weeks of planning, working on little projects, and just generally catching up on life.

One little thing I can already announce is that I’ve joined the writing team at Resonate! They’re a fantastic online platform of news, reviews, articles and op-eds all from East Asian writers from around the World. My first article for them on Jamie Chung’s X-Men casting and the lack of Asian superheroines in film and TV is now live, and I’ll hopefully be doing more in the coming months on pop culture and representation. Make sure you’re following them!

Ria Xx

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